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Is your yard more brown than green? More dirt than actual grass? Don't let a bad lawn bring the aesthetic appeal and property value of your home down any longer.

If your lawn has been totally killed, either from years of neglect or a particularly rough winter, it may be time for a whole new one. If you think you may need this, call Felty's Lawn and Tree Maintenance to find out more. We provide lawn installs and lawn applications to homeowners all across Central PA. We offer full service weed control, fertilizer, grub control, aeration, over-seeding, and lawn installation.

Benefits of Turf and Maintenance Applications

Fertilizing your lawn is an investment in time and money, so you may find yourself wondering if the investment is really worthwhile. How much benefit will you really receive from lawn fertilization? Here are five ways that lawn fertilization benefits your lawn, both now and in the future.

1. Weed Reduction

Most of today's fertilizers also carry weed prevention treatments. Even those that don't help with weed control by giving the healthy grass the tools it needs to grow thick and strong. Thick, strong grass with a deep bed of roots will be less likely to become the victim of weeds.

2. Better Disease Resistance

Have you ever lost a big portion of your grass all at once? This is often because of disease, which attacks the grass from the very root. When grass has the right nutrients to grow strong, it's much less prone to disease. Remember, grass is alive, just like you, and it needs the right nutrients to protect it from illness.

3. Improved Overall Growth

Every homeowner knows the frustration of grass that grows thick and lush in one area of the yard, only to come in sparse and thin in another. Often this is due to lack of nutrients in the less lush part of the yard. The uneven nutrients occur due to natural factors that affect the soil differently in different parts of the yard. Lawn fertilization will help produce uniform growth, with the entire lawn looking lush and thick.

4. Protection for the Soil

Grass draws nutrients from the soil in order to grow healthy. Thick grass, which is the result of fertilization, helps eliminate soil runoff. Properly fertilized soil is also less likely to become depleted when natural rain and storms come. Healthy soil will promote healthy grass for future years, so this is an investment in the future of your yard.

5. Resistance to Pests

Finally, a healthy lawn that is properly fertilized is more resistant to damage from pests. Whether or not your fertilizer includes insecticides, the thicker your lawn grows, the harder it is for pests to take hold.

Lawn Fertilization in Central PA

As you can see, there are many benefits to inviting in lawn fertilization. In fact, this is an investment that will pay off for years. Are you interested in enjoying the benefits of a properly fertilized lawn? Felty's offers a full list of lawn fertilization services for homeowners and businesses in Central PA.. Call Felty's  to schedule a consultation to discuss your lawn fertilization needs with one of our qualified team members.

Benefits of Lawn Aeration and Overseeding

Lawns in Central Pennsylvania can suffer from the brutality of the area's sporadic weather. A dry and hot summer causes grass roots to become stressed from trying to maintain moisture and nutrients. During the extreme dryness of summer, the soil becomes extremely compacted and cracks in many areas.

In these conditions, many lawns go dormant and brown out. A prolonged drought brings a myriad of additional issues to lawns as well. Undesirable warm season grasses, insects, and diseases take a gambit throughout, leaving patchy, matted, and thinned-out turf.

What should you do if this occurs? We highly recommend you consider aerating and overseeding your lawn. Below you will find the 8 benefits of how these services will revive your turf.

  1. Aeration reduces soil compaction. Just as you wouldn't try to plant a flower in concret..., a rock hard soil bed is not conducive to a great lawn either! Loose soil allows grass roots to plunge deeper into the soil to find vital water resources in times of stress.

  2. Aeration reduces thatch. Thatch is made up of grass stems and roots that accumulate faster than they breakdown. Excessive thatch creates an environment that is favorable to pests and disease.

  3. Aeration allows access to the root zone. By penetrating the soil, you're allowing moisture, air, & food to the root zone where nutrients are absorbed.

  4. Aeration enhances seed germination. Seeds germinate easily in aerator holes as the holes provide them a place to hide.

  5. Overseeding introduces new grass seed to fill in bare or thin areas as well as thickens existing turf. Over time, grass plants reach their peak and need to be replaced. Different factors contribute to the breakdown of the grass including foot traffic, heat, lack of water, environmental conditions, pet waste, etc.

  6. Overseeding builds resistance to disease. By incorporating different blends of grass seed, you reduce your risk to diseases that can wipe out your entire lawn.

  7. Aeration and overseeding will help to reduce weeds. Opportunistic weeds germinate in areas where they can be successful. Crabgrass grows in thin areas, nutsedge pops up in thin/low spots, and broadleaf weeds spread where there is little desirable grass. The best defense is to have a thick lawn.

  8. Aeration and overseeding will immediately improve your lawn's current appearance. If your lawn was attacked by fungus, insects, or animals, a core aeration and overseeding will help. You'll be able to see seed germination in 7-10 days.


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